My Mouth is a Volcano!


1. My Mouth is A Volcano - Julia Cook

In this book, Louis learns that he is "erupting" others. Erupting stands for interrupting. In guidance, we talk about the many ways we can "erupt" others
1. Talking while others are talking
2. Raising our hand, but are shaking our hand and making "ohh, ooohhh" noises
3. Any noise that is distracting (tapping, whistling during quiet times, etc.)

We also talk about ways to help us not blurt or erupt others

1. We need to hold our hand up quietly.
2. If we think we are going to blurt, we grab our "words in the air" with our palms and make a fist
3. We put our hand in our lap
4. We wait until we are called on, and then we release our palm/fist and then say what we wanted to talk about

During guidance, we give many examples of when, why, and how we "erupt" kids and adults. We also talk about how our words are important to us, but there are other kids who have important words, too, so we need to share and take turns.

Every time we give eye contact, turn our heads, or start speaking to a student who is ERUPTING IMMEDIATELY reinforces that blurting.

Model positive behavior by setting a BOUNDARY so that your child knows it is not okay to blurt while others are talking.