The 5 Love Languages for Parents


Gary Chapman is the author of the famous book, "The 5 Love Languages" which explores that human interact and communicate through five "love languages." We all have a main, or strongest love language, but we need all the love languages in our relationships. We must learn our own primary love language, as well as others' primary love language, in order to best navigate our relationship with them.

The 5 Love Languages Are:
Words of Affirmation
Quality Time
Acts of Service
Physical Touch (hug, kisses, handshake)

Below are some pictures and descriptions that will help you learn more about the love languages.

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After completing the quiz, you will be given your 5 love languages in a hierarchy.


Words of affirmation are when we acknowledge verbally or written how much someone means to us. For kids and adults this may be telling someone, “thank you,” “I really appreciate you,” or “you mean a lot to me.”

  • You did a wonderful job at _____________

  • Thank you for helping me with ____________

  • I really appreciated it when you ______________

  • You mean so much to me

  • I love you

  • Compliment them

  • Speak positively about them
    Write positive notes on the mirror
    Write a card to someone

  • Write lunch box notes for your child


Quality time is the love language where people enjoy doing things with the one(s) they love 
specific examples of ways to spend quality time together

  • Do homework together

  • Have “no tech” time

  • Read a story together

  • Run errands together

  • Have a special “date night”

  • Pay attention to details they share with you

  • Make time to eat together as a family

  • Have a special bedtime/morning routine together 


Acts of Service is doing something for someone to show them that you care
helping with chores, school projects, driving places, and making your favorite meals and snacks. 

  • Practice sports or a hobby together

  • Help with chores

  • Work on schoolwork together
    Make their special meal 

  • Take them somewhere they enjoy


Gifts are just that! Adults and children with this love language like to be surprised with gifts or small tokens of appreciation that are tangible

  • Keep a small stash of inexpensive gifts

  • Give them a flower

  • Leave small gifts for them when you are out of town or won’t see them much

  • Shop with them for a special gift

  • Send them on a gift scavenger hunt


The safe touch love languages refers to children and adults liking hugs, kisses, high fives, and cuddles. They may also like physical activities like racing, wrestling, playing tag, and climbing in your lap.

  • Hold hands

  • Hug often

  • Sit together in bean bag or other comfortable chairs

  • Share family cuddle time 

  • Sing action songs together

  • Have some tickle fun

  • Read stories together on the couch or your lap