Pic: Students playing in slime.

Caught You Washing Your Hands is a program that Eastwood's Wellness Team started as a way to decrease the spread of germs.  Students who are caught washing their hands without being told will get a card to fill out.  Classrooms with the most students caught will be recognized at our monthly Eastwood Way assemblies. 

Our classroom winners have been two first grade classrooms, Mrs. Williams's and Mrs. Kowcheck's.  As a class, Mrs. Williams's students got to dig for prizes in slime, and Mrs. Kowcheck's students sprayed Mr. Law with silly string!  

Another healthy initiative that we're trying is to keep students hydrated.  Our nurse has noticed a lot of students coming into the clinic with dehydration symptoms.  Symptoms include headaches, dry or cracked lips, low energy levels, or irritability  We encourage students to get drinks at the water fountain, drink their milk at lunch, and if possible, bring a water bottle to school.

Together, we hope our students stay hydrated and keep our hands washed so we can produce Healthy Kids in a Healthy World! 

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