Arctic Academy & Beyond


     As the weather gets cooler, we know nasty weather is bound to come any day now.  There may be days when an Arctic Academy Day is called rather than a snow day. Arctic Academy Days are when it’s safe for staff to work at school but students will stay at home and work on their Arctic Academy assignments.  These days are announced through our county-wide school messenger system, if you do not receive calls, please contact Mrs. Rush, with your child’s name and your phone number.
     These days are intended to provide an academic experience but shouldn't lead to frustration or be overwhelming to complete.  PreSchool through second grade students have paper-based activities while third grade and up will have computer-based assignments.  If a student doesn’t have their Chromebook or if it’s not working, then they may do an alternate assignment, see below. Students can read a book of their choice for 20 minutes, do a math activity for 20 minutes (practice flashcards, create & solve math problems, a math game, count money, etc.), and write a few sentences about their day.  They’ll hand in their work to their teacher or turn it in online. 

     Here are some alternate activities that students of all ages can do.  These are great if you can't find your Arctic Academy packet, the internet is down, or the chromebook isn't at home or isn't working.  If you complete these activities, please list what you did on a sheet of paper and turn it into your teacher.   

  • Watch the news. Write or draw a response on what you've learned.
  • Write and illustrate a story or comic, topic of your choice.
  • Research the weather and make weather predictions for the day or week.
  • Go outside and explore the winter weather! Build a snowman, write words in the snow, build an igloo, etc. 
  • Practice counting.  Count collections that you may have like buttons, change, cars, legos, etc. 
  • Read any book, magazine, or newspaper with a family member.
  • Complete chores together as a family: shovel snow, clean out a closet, fold laundry, cook dinner, bake, feed your pets, etc.
  • Play a game.  It's always good for students to practice taking turns. 

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