We'd like to remind everyone of a few very important items concerning our arrival and dismissal process for car riders.  To ensure the safety of all students and adults, please refresh yourself of our procedures and call Mrs. Hartshorn or Mrs. Cottrell if you have any questions.  Thank you!


  • During morning drop-off, as long as there is a line, no cars are permitted to go around the line to get out.  Each car must wait until the car in front of them unloads and moves before exiting.
  • When unloading in the morning, all students must exit the cars from the right and walk on the sidewalk into the school.  Students are not permitted to exit the cars on the driver's side of the road.  This is a serious safety concern.
  • In an effort to make the morning drop-off as efficient as possible for everyone, please do not use this time to hold conversations with staff who are assisting the students.  Also, please make every effort to finish conversations with your child before they are ready to leave the car.  We appreciate your help with this. 

In the afternoon:

  • During afternoon pick-up, all cars should have the assigned car rider number displayed in the front window.  Beginning April 23rd, cars without a number will be asked to park and come into the school to have their identity confirmed before releasing the student. 
  • Afternoon pick-up procedures:
    • pull up as close as possible to the car in front of you & put the car in PARK
    • Remain in or near the car while you wait for your child to be dismissed.  
    • If your child doesn't come out, please let an adult know to recall the number.
    • When exiting, all cars will loop down in front of the school even if children load along the sidewalk, to increase traffic flow and prevent bottle necking.
    • Kidematics students should be picked up after 3:15 or picked up as a car rider. 


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