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    MTEC's LPN, Surgical Technology, and Medical Assistant Adult Health Occupation's programs are accepting applications for the 2020-21 school year.  Please email Janice Collins, Health Occupation's Coordinator at jmcollins@k12.wv.us if you have any questions.  The Health Occupation application can be found under the Adult Students tab.

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Law and Public Safety

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LAW & PUBLIC SAFETY is a 2-year program focusing on knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the fields of law enforcement, corrections, the court system, and the private security and protection systems.  Students will acquire a solid foundation and application of constitutional, criminal, civil, and case law. They will investigate mock crime scenes, photograph and collect evidence, and identify and collect latent fingerprints. Students will learn to safely deal with a combative subject and utilize the mechanics of arrest to take them into custody.  Identification of various weapons including firearms, edged weapons, blunt force weapons, chemical deterrents, and Tasers are a vital component of the course curriculum. 

Students will learn: 
1. Fundamentals of Criminal Law, Law Enforcement, Judiciary System and Corrections
2. Crime Scene Investigation and Processing 
3. Laws of Arrest, Search, and Seizure 
4. Use of Force, Proper Handling of Firearms and Intermediate Weapons
5. Communications Skill Buildings
6. Self Defense and Awareness
7. Problem Solving and Leadership

Students will earn certifications in: 
1. CPR & First Aid
2. Telecommunications
3. FEMA 

Student Career Options after Completion:
1. Police Officer ($32,000 - $82,000) 
2. Corrections Officer ($20,000 - $55,000) 
3. 911 Dispatcher ($20,000 - $50,000)
4. Loss Prevention Officer ($15,000 - $35,000)
5. Private Security Officer ($15,000 - $33,000)