MHS Virtual College Visits

Last Updated: 3/8/2021 3:32 PM

Attention students. This week we will be starting Virtual College Visits. The goal is to have at least two per week for the rest of 2020 with most of them coming on Fridays at noon and at 2:05pm. All virtual visits will be on zoom so you will need to create a zoom account to enter the meeting. You can do that here:

US Air Force: 3/12/21 12pm, 4/9/21 12pm and 5/14/21 12pm

Meeting ID: 772 371 2747 Passcode: AimHigh

Upcoming Virtual fairs hosted by Common APP:

March 16th and March 21st

Access any time:

Western Kentucky University:
Ohio Valley University:

Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine: Message to interested students: Any students interested in the BS/MD accelerated program (We have had several in our program from Morgantown High) we would be happy to talk with them directly at 304 412-4364 or we can set up a zoom meeting with them

Upcoming Pierpont Community and Technical College virtual events:
Carnegie Mellon University Virtual Campus Tour Sign Up
Upcoming WVU Future and Interested Students:  
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