Chromebook Updates 2

Last Updated: 4/9/2020 3:13 PM



Sealed bids were opened on 7/15 at 9am by Chris Urban and two network specialists.

Reviewed by two network specialists, county TIS, and Chris Urban

Decision made - and will be submitted to board for approval Tuesday, July 23rd.

All vendors have been notified as of 1pm, 7/22/19





This page will only be active until July 15, 2019

Chromebook RfP (posted 7/1/19 @1:18pm)



Questions asked and answers:

  1. Will the district consider alternative devices other than Dell, as long as the required specs are met/exceeded?

Dell is the preferred machine.  If no one can quote me that Dell – then I’ll look at others.

  1. Will ‘bar code’ tags be provided by the district, or does the district prefer the tags to be printed by the awarded vendor?

I want them provided by awarded vendor and be part of the process.

  1. Does the district prefer a Fair Market Value lease option, or a $1 Buyout lease option, or both?

I want to own them at the end of the 3 years.


Questions from 7/3/19:

  1. The RFP that was sent in is different than the one on client's website. Is there a reason for this? 

I just pulled up what I sent out and what’s on the website – they are identical.  When you pull up the document – please refresh your page.  

I’m not sure what you see.  I’ve attached it to this email.

  1. There is an additional page on the RFP named “Agreement Addendum” and states that if there is a conflict between the addendum and the agreement, the addendum shall prevail. What agreement is this referring to? 

See page 37 in

  1. This addendum also has Terms and Conditions that we will have to take exception to, including the Limitation of Liability provision.  

Make suggested changes – and include them in your bid proposal.  At that time, if you are the vendor meeting the most or all specs – then I will have our treasurer and board lawyer look at the changes and make a decision as to whether I can move forward or not.

      4.  When considering extended warranty options, is there a specific term of the warranty you are looking for?

I’m sorry…thought I clarified that:

One year minimum.

If you have other options – you can specify including what the additional cost would be.

Not sure how much more I can clarify this.


Questions 7/8/19

1. Do any of the nine locations listed in the RFP have a loading dock for delivery?

Loading Dock…no. 

While they may have doors that deliveries come through – they are traditional doors – not wide enough for pallets to go through.

Does that help?


  1. You are asking for tags on the units that include a barcode with OU. 

Yes – we want a barcode serial number with the OU listed on the tag

       2.  Is this the Google Organizational Unit? 

Yes – this is for our Google Organizational Unit 

       3.  And if so, do you need us to assign the units into an OU for the White Glove services?


       4.  Also, can you provide some details around the OU’s like how many different OUs the units will be installed into, etc.?

Each school is it’s own OU.  So the number of devices that is listed is what needs enrolled into that school’s OU.  We will provide the details to the winning vendor.




  1. The RFP does not state case installation. Is the customer seeking casing services? If no, is the customer interested in delivery of cased product as a voluntary alternate?

What is case installation?


  1. The RFP states an interest in delivering without packaging. We can accomplish this by removing factory finished goods packaging upon delivery if the customer can provide receptacles for devices. Alternatively, we can provide cardboard boxes suitable for multiple devices. Can you please address the acceptability of such a workflow and note whether customer or provider will supply receptacles/boxes?

Everything in the RfP is for the vendor to provide.  If this is something you offer – please include it in the cost.  Remember this has to be such that I can pay for it over 3 years.


  1. Can “first phase” deliveries to Morgantown HS and University HS be handled on two consecutive days, with middle schools to follow, or do you require same-day delivery (this impacts carrier delivery)?

Absolutely – I just don’t want it dragged out too long between deliveries.  It should be one right after the other within a few days.


      4. For the asset tags with OU, can provide any information on the nature and number of OU (e.g., OU by building, grade, class, room, etc.)?

The asset tag – should have a barcode for the serial number and the name of the OU – which is the name of the school


      5.  I was wondering when the intended date of delivery was? I like to keep a time line of everything!

School starts the 14th of August.

     6.  "RFP section 5 states: "Cushioned neoprene slipcase with handles and shoulder strap.” The RFP does not call for insertion of Chromebooks in those cases. Are you interested in such a service as an option? Such a service could involve disposal of all packaging associated with the slipcases. 

I don’t need that service. 





1. On the Chromebook Updates Q&A page on the District website, you stated that the doors utilized for delivery are not wide enough for a pallet to go through. Can you please provide the width of the doorways utilized for delivery?

Each of these schools has at the minimum 30 doors – and two of them have close to 100 doors.  I’m not trying to be difficult – but I’m not going to go to each of those schools and measure them.  They are ‘normal’ double doors at a school.  Some have no bar down the middle some do have a bar down the middle. My advice is don’t assume that a pallet can be dropped off inside doors.